Milkfish Founders knighted in Edinburgh

Posted on Sunday 1 April 2012

After we made internet phone call routing software available on cheap standard hardware the first time for FREE in 2005, over the years many of the big players added according features to their hardware products. For example, the very popular FRITZbox by AVM in Germany introduced a SIP registrar to their firmware officially in 2009.

We feel that we contributed to this progress constructively by setting a good example and publishing our use case and proof of concept early enough for the industry to adopt our features and integrate them into their hardware.

Another important manufacturer, Buffalo Inc. (subsidiary of Melco Holdings Inc.), didn’t implement our features on their own but used our software directly by introducing DD-WRT ( as their main firmware, which includes our VoIP software automatically.

For these achievements the Milkfish Projekt Founders were granted the honorary title of Bachelor Knight (Kt.) in a traditional ceremony and in the presence of many honorary guests today by Her Highness Princess Marie of Edinburgh. Thank you very much!

The Accolade - Edmund Blair Leighton (1853-1922)

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Milkfish-dd v1.0 released

Posted on Monday 19 May 2008

After almost one year of preparations the Milkfish Software now furnishes DD-WRT v24 Router Firmwares with PBX-like VoIP features, turning DD-WRT Routers into SIP-aware Firewalls.

We are happy to provide the vivid DD-WRT community with our stable Embedded OpenSER SIP Routing Implementation and the whole Milkfish Toolset and Services around it.

The first release of the Milkfish-dd VoIP Firmware is available at the Milkfish-dd and DD-WRT Download sites. At the latter, it is available for a wide scope of router hardwares.

Screenshots and example configuration steps are available here, the source can be browsed here.

At this point we would also like to give credits for the dedicated assistance we received from our own and the DD-WRT community during development and testing, most notably from Mike and Howard, and of course all the people contributing to the Milkfish-dd User Forum.

Last, not least, we want to thank Sebastian Gottschall, CTO of NewMedia-NET GmbH and stac-wireless Ltd. for his patience when introducing us to the details of his neat Multi-Platform Linux-based Embedded System.

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Boozy Milkfish 3.2.0 released

Posted on Sunday 1 July 2007

Based on OpenWRT Whiterussian 0.9 the new Milkfish Reference Firmware is available for download.

New features are…

  • …improved RTP proxying for Video over IP support
  • …built-in SIPBroker Network Directory dialling-in capability
  • …Outgoing Dynamic DNS Domain compatibility enabling callbacks
  • …new support for LAN-connected SIP-PBX-Adapters - for example enabling such
  • …a selective STUNBLOCKER preventing interference within mixed STUN-noSTUN-setups
  • more

The usual easy-as-can-be firmware installation instructions can be found here.

Folks just wanting to upgrade their Milkfish Packages may consider this dependency table.

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Bargain Sales at the Milkfish Web Shop

Posted on Sunday 1 April 2007

No firmware, no configuration, no cables, no more hassle - just Out-of-the-box-Milkfish!

Plus, at the same time you help saving the climate because Hardware-Milkfish have very low power consumption through their revolutionary Logic Organic Circuitry Option ™ for the main Advanced Processing Rail Interrupt Line ™ processing units (Patents pending).

Get it now: Your first Milkfish hardware without all the software and protocol trouble.

Check out the new web shop at

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Boozy Milkfish 3.0.0 released

Posted on Saturday 23 December 2006

The features of this third release of the Milkfish SIP Router are listed here.

Easy installation instructions are available as usual in the wiki.

Please consider to take part in our pissing contest at

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First signs of Boozy Milkfish 3.0.0

Posted on Saturday 7 October 2006

As the first package of the 3.0.0 release the milkfish-services package now is available for BETA evaluation by the advanced user.

Milkfish Services refers to…

1. Audit - A tool for measuring the availability of the router
2. Homesip - A dynamic SIP addressing service for routers with dynamic IP’s

The package has a text driven user interface and provides the basic environment for all other packages of the 3.0 releases which will soon follow. Users wishing for a graphical user interface will be addressed by the upcoming and enhanced web interface.

The Milkfish Services Package is the only package of the Boozy 3.0 packages that is compatible with Openwrt Whiterussian RC4 firmware images and the Boozy Milkfish 2.0 packages.

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Boozy Milkfish 2.0.0 released

Posted on Monday 20 March 2006

For the first time in the short SER-on-WRT-era installation is possible completely without Linux and almost without dropping the mouse.

Detailed installation instructions are available at:

p.s.: Internal mechanisms have become recently available as diagrams:

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Final tests before 2.0.0 release commenced

Posted on Monday 13 March 2006

After fixing bugs in the milkfish GUI files the new release will be tested and published within the coming couple of days.

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